Moroccan Argan Hair Oil Herbal for Growth Dry Damaged Hair

Moroccan argan hair oil for growth act on the scalp, through the regulation of sebum, inhibit hair loss, promote hair growth, even smear hair root, you can improve the role of hair. Also part of the argan oil can be mixed in the hair film, given in the shampoo to nourish. Over the years, we have been working on the sale of hair conditioner, developing the best moisturizing and gentle conditioner that covers most markets in Europe and America. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.
Product Details

Moroccan argan  hair oil herbal for growth dry damaged hair

Product Introduction:
Glycerine is also called the nut oil, it is composed of growth in the forrest gump tree nut extract of Morocco, Moroccans generations are in use, many of its unique chemical composition, make it become a kind of try to deal with the problem of all kinds of skin and hair extract, glycerin is through the artificial beauty treasures
Take out the glycerin and then bake it, grind it into a paste, and make the glycerine in a complicated process. Argan oil, rich in Omega 6 and Omega 9 essential fatty acid, linoleic acid and vitamin E, the oil rich in required to prevent premature aging of all natural antioxidants, antioxidant more than olive oil, can achieve the effect of prevent skin aging and dehydration. Use from southwest Morocco Argan Tree (nut trees), are derived by the nut oil, rich in Omega 6 and Omega 9, vitamin E and nuts polyphenols, which ingredients to nourish skin and enhance skin elasticity; Keep hair smooth and healthy while repairing dry, damaged and fragile hair.

Product Parameter:

Product Name

High Qulaity moroccan argan hair oil treatment for skin


Deionized water, sodium, sodium sulfate, sulfate, Coconut oil ethylene glycol distearate, lauryl sulfate, Dimethyl polysiloxane, glycerin, lanolin, Panol, collagen, essence, Certified 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil, vitamin E


Argan oil




100ml ( Custom available )

Sample lead time

4-7 days

Order Lead Time

10 days after payment

Payment Term

L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union




Private Label Available

place of origin

Guangdong, China

Product Feature and Application:



The best use of Moroccan Nut Oil is hair care, the effect is very significnat, many hair problems such as dry hair, lack of luster and hair curl through the use of this Magical Oil can be resolved.


Commonly used to make the hair becomes soft, smooth and beautiful, to prevent yellowing, hair loss, reduce dandruff.


Can penetrate dry and damaged hair deep, strengthen moistening the hair, also could make the hair shiny. Smear instantly, drift faint apricot aroma.


Honey is called "Natural Moisturizer" can help hair absorb and keep moisture, nourish dry and damaged hair.



1: regulation of sebum secretion, inhibition of hair loss.
2: deep nourish, make hair smooth, healthy, while repairing dry, damaged and fragile hair.
3: balance the scalp oil.
4: Strong anti-inflammatory bacteria.
5: Protect hair from uv and pollution.
6: Eliminates frizz.
7. Best herbal hair oil for hair growth and best hair oil for dry damaged hair.

How to use
After conditioning, section hair, apply hair food to scalp, gently massage, then style as desired.

1: comb your hair and wet your hair
2: according to the requirement of personal hair washing, wash and massage the head
3: rinse your hair
4: rub a small amount of conditioner on the hair, and wait until after 3 minutes to rinse again and again.(please don't get the scalp)
5: slowly dry (blow dry) with a towel, and stroke hair with oil according to personal hair requirement.
6: according to the personal situation, the hair mask is recommended once a week

Q1. Are you factory?
A1. YES, Welcome to visit our company and factory.
Q2. Is it safe to deal with Oscars?
A2. Of course, Oscars is a verified gold supplier of Alibaba, with over 18 years experience in cosmetic field, we have builded good reputation over these years. And we do provide Trade Assurance service.

Q3. About product quality?
A3. Our Argan Oil is 100% Moroccan Pure Argan Oil Cold Pressed virgin oil , USDA Certified Organic Pure, Eco-Friendly.
Great moisturizer for dry skin and hair. No fillers or additives. All Natural. We are committed to providing our customer with all-natural, organic, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free products. We are committed to complying with the highest quality standards regulations.
Q4. About Customization:
A4. If customer have any needs of customization or OEM service, please contact our staff for more information. For appearance change, like Logo, outlook adding, print, language, it would be easy to achieve. For ingredient change,please arrange sample for us .
Q5. Q: How can I get some samples?
A5. If you are interested in our products, we are pleased to offer you some free samples for you test.
Q6. The difference between hair oil and hair mask
Hair film, is a kind of nourishing hair "baked ointment," it is like women with late frost, is a process of deep maintenance, hair film contains plenty of nutrients and moisture, they can through the hair on the hair into the hair, help repair the fibrous tissue, help hair restore vitality.
Hair oil (also known as head oil) : also known as hair oil, the head oil has moistening hair cells, preventing hair from wilting and maintaining the function of perfect hair style.Hair is shaggy, shaggy, easy to comb.

Latest News
Summer not only control oil more need to wet! Summer moisturizing locks 5 key points
Don't think you need to control the oil in summer, but ignore the moisturizing skincare routine. Long-term stay in the air conditioning in summer long open office or uv exposure, in the summer, when the moisture in the skin are also relatively erosion is more serious, summer should be heavy moisture, keep the water-oil balance of skin. Summer replenishing water, hydrating 5 big equation

1: frequency of washing
Studies have shown that summer temperature rise per 1 ℃, oil production will increase by 10%, many people will be because the grease production problems, to increase the number of washing a face, in summer, or using detergency strong cleansing products, but all of these could damage the skin's natural oils and the secret, facial skin wash more dry, damaged skin water and oil balance system, wash a face in the morning and once is enough, after washing a face is the feeling of feel relaxed, not taut tingling.

2. Choose moisturizing products carefully
Stay in a cold air room for a long time, the situation is like fruit long in the snow cabinet, skin moisture evaporates faster, when feeling facial skin is tight, peeling, the body is asking you for a water shortage police horn. During the summer, moisturizing products should try to avoid using alcohol ingredients, make skin drier, and refreshing gel or latex texture moisturizing products, can reduce the burden of facial skin, and can reach moisture lock water features

3;Prepare for a Mask
Skin lacks water, everyone will think of apply the mask first aid, but too much, every day, apply the mask is not help to facial skin moisturizing, may increase the burden of facial skin, excessive nutrients, water oil ratio imbalance, increases the chances of acne and flushing of the face. Mask according to the need to apply one or two times a week is enough, and to improve the mask essence absorption capacity, but to apply face before apply, dipped in water of cotton apply to face about 10 minutes, regulate the skin ph, regulate cutin layer, to prepare for absorbing essence mask.

4: internal and external rehydration
Long-term stay in air conditioning room, skin may be drained water, every 5 degrees lower indoor temperature, the humidity in the air will drop about 20 ﹪, and even though the weather be hot, the ideal indoor temperature 5 degrees lower than the outside air temperature. It is essential to moisturize your skin and 8 glasses of water a day, which will help your body metabolize and detoxify your body.

5: get out of the front
Whatever the weather, outdoor have uv, and ultraviolet ray can make skin moisture loss, is one reason for the accelerated aging, the applied in half an hour before going out to prevent bask in habit, if will be foreign minister time stay in home, more should be regularly, every 2 hours to fill rub sunscreen, protect the skin