Romano Hair Gel Healthy Glitter Hair Gel Pack Hair Styles

Romano hair gel for men and women is 90% organic and contains no harmful chemicals, Provides a flake-free nutritive strong hold; Its smooth texture tames frizz and fly away for smoother, softer hair, and this product is health glitter hair gel. Strong Hold for All-Day Style – Smooth Viking's Strong Hold Gel helps give your hair the style you want and helps it last throughout the entire day.
Product Details

Romano hair gel healthy glitter hair gel pack hair styles

1.Product introduction of the hair gel 
Healthy hair gel for men & women is free from the harsh chemicals that can damage hair. Driven by organic aloe Vera and witch hazel, the gel provides a strong hold to all hair types without leaving a sticky finish. Glitter hair gel offers many benefits including: tames frizz and fly away for smoother, softer hair. Invigorates the scalp and enhances a fuller head of hair. Ideal for all hair types, best hair gel for men and women especially those with dry or delicate hair. Shields hair from thermal styling and environmental damage.

2.Product Parameter(Specification)of the hair gel

Product Name

Romano hair gel healthy glitter hair gel pack hair styles


extreme strong hold styling hair gel


east to apply easy to remove


gel pack hair styles




100g, 150g


humidity below 60%,keep out of the direct sunlight

expiry date:

3 years


Organic, herbal

3.Product Feature of the hair gel

Gummy hair gel – remixed with a sophisticated, grown-up feel. Perfect for slick, sleek looks polished to perfection, this solid gel creates styles with reflection and shine. With its strong hold, shapes and styles stay in place. Works perfectly on damp hair, whenever you want a structured look with hold and shine. can also be reapplied to dry hair to break-up styles and add texture and shine. It's great for perfecting smooth top knots, or creating a slicked-back, combed style on short cuts.

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4.Product details of the hair clay.


A versatile fiber-like styling product with medium hold to provide structure to your hair without leaving it feeling stiff and rigid. The semi-matte finish results in naturally looking hair with a slight touch of shine. Ideal all hair lengths that are styled messy.


This water soluble formula contains a combination of coconut and Moroccan argan oil to help repair and moisturize hair that might otherwise be dry and damaged. Gives the hair extra definition and frizz control, and will make your hair feel as good as it looks. 


Scoop a nickel-sized amount and spread through your palms or fingertips. Apply evenly starting at the crown and working towards the front. Use a blow dryer, either before or after applying product, to give extra volume and stability. Apply more if needed.

5.Product Qualification of the hair gel

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6.Shipping and serving of the hair clay


1.Q:Does it make your hair stiff

A:It's a great product and holds your hair without feeling it has been glued
2.Q: does this leave the hair feeling sticky, or crunchy?
A: It doesn't feel sticky or crunchy
3.Q: Do this gel give that wet hair look or does your hair just look dry?
A: Depends on how much Mega Hold gel you use. I apply a little of this gel and comb hair back to keep in place. For best look, apply evenly to hair. For wet look, use more. For dry look, use less. I have been using this product hold for over 10 years and very satisfied with product.
4.Q: Is the hold good enough without a hairspray?
A: Yes good enough hold on for sure.
5.Q: What kinds of the payment can I pay with?
A: T/T, western union. PayPal

8. Latest News
Hair gel is the most known and most commonly used (and probably most hated) hair styling product for men. It would be a fairly safe bet to say that every guy has tried using hair gel at least once in their life. It’s typically the “starter” hair product for most guys who begin styling their hair in middle school or high school because it’s cheap and readily available at any local store….and unfortunately for a lot of us, we simply didn’t know any better! Gel is great product if your intention is to have stiff, non-movable hair and if you don’t care if products damage your hair. It does work well with all hair lengths, thicknesses, and textures to mold, sculpt, and hold your hair in place. Gel tends to coat the hair strands and binds them together to lock them in place. Gels are water based styling products that have a concoction of harsh alcohols and holding chemicals. They typically leave your hair shiny and rock hard and don't have the flexibility to style your hair throughout the day.