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  • 7 steps to make your own serum
  • Latest Ginger and Tea Tree Essential Oil Shampoo Revitalizes Your Hair
    Men, women, middle and old age and even young adults all cannot escape these problems about hair loss.
  • Simple bubble bath strategy - a good time alone
    Bubble bath is not confined at a clean body, it is an activity that can alleviate pressure to be able to cheerful mood already more, and accord with the nature that girls love illusion completely, let you take pink bubble in bath crock, making a romantic dream
  • How to choose your bar shampoo
    OSCARSPA's shampoo bars are preservative-free and non-spiritual. Therefore, people who have just started shampooing cakes with OSCARSPA generally feel that they are somewhat dry. In particular, people with relatively dry hair are more prepared to do this mentally.
  • Market trend of cosmetics, private label face serum
    With the advent of the Internet age, more and more information is coming into contact with consumers, and consumers’ consumption patterns are also escalating. More and more people are no longer pursuing popular brands, but are eyeing some niche brands. The market for niche brands opened.
  • Face serum OEM process
    As people continue to strengthen the concept of physical health, consumers always have a lot of concerns when choosing cosmetics, so manufacturers are also required in the choice of cosmetics OEM.
  • OEM service for face serum
    OEM's obvious production cost advantage lies in the supplier's existing production capacity, cheap labor, extensive knowledge structure that can increase production efficiency and other professional details of processing. By reducing production costs in this way, companies can maintain competitive price advantages while increasing their economic profits in fierce competition. As an OEM demander, by entrusting an OEM supplier who already owns production equipment or is responsible for providing production equipment and their cheap labor to produce their own desired products, there is no need to invest in production of fixed assets and pay high labor costs. . It is also possible to concentrate on the research and development of new products while maintaining low-cost advantages through OEM processing of traditional products while maintaining its traditional advantages.
  • The characteristics of whitening materials and their application in the face serum
    Arbutin: Also known as arbutin, it is a white needle-like crystal or powder that is easily soluble in water. Because of its earliest origins from natural green plants, it is a skin whitening active substance integrating the concepts of “green”, “safety” and “high-efficiency”. At present, the most attention should be a arbutin, the effect is 5-6 times of B arbutin, cost-effective.
  • hormone face it? Use natural face serum
    The effect of a makeup product is good, and when it is disabled, it becomes worse. It may be a hormone face! Symptoms of hormonal face have many similarities with skin irritations, sensitive skin, seborrheic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, acne and other facial dermatitis symptoms. So, when you have problems with facial skin, don't rush to use things, especially some hormone ointment.
  • Why red bloody skin will find you? These 5 groups are easy to get red blood
    In fact, not everyone will grow red bloody skin, mainly depends on their usual habits, the following situations are the most prone to red blood, see if you have it?
  • EGF + Hyaluronic Acid serum epidermal growth factor
    EGF anti-aging EGF can promote the growth and division of epidermal cells, keratinocytes, fibroblasts and other cells, accelerate metabolism, and increase the activity of epidermal cells, so that the cells can maintain the quality and quantity, and the skin wrinkles disappear, showing tightness. Solid, soft, smooth and full of healthy beauty. * Promote cell metabolism (anti-aging): EGF can promote cell proliferation and differentiation. * EGF can reverse the differentiation of mature cells into "stem cell islands" while suppressing the expression of aging genes. * EGF fundamentally changes the structure of skin cells, reduces the average age of skin cells, and makes skin smooth and beautiful.
  • Face vitamin c serum price composition
    There are many cosmetic brands on the market, and there are various price points. Many people will have a doubt, high-priced products must be more effective than low-priced products? Sometimes looking at two products with similar compositional tables, the prices differ by several tens of times. Why is this happening? Talk about this topic today.
  • Many make-up creams that crushes use before make-up are not cosmetics?
    Cream is an important skin protection item. Cream does have a barrier to UV rays, and its essence is sun protection. Sunscreens used in barrier creams are the same as those used in sunscreens. They are generally classified into organic sunscreens and physical sunscreens. So, what's the role of barrier cream?
  • Chinese government has cosmetics quality requirements?
    The object of use of face serum is humans, whose effectiveness depends mainly on the effect of the active ingredients therein and the matrix constituting the formulation body. Cosmetics not only have a gentle effect, but also help maintain the normal physiological functions and radiant effects of the skin. Functional cosmetics are based on different functions, respectively, with moisturizing, anti-UV, whitening effect.
  • Secret moisturizing cosmetic ingredients- Hyaluronic Acid
    Amino acid It has high water absorption, but its content will decrease with the decrease of moisture in the stratum corneum, so it is also necessary to supplement amino acids during hydration. No other moisturizers have high water absorbency but have a regulating effect on moisture. When the moisture content in the stratum corneum decreases, the amino acid content also decreases, so the addition of amino acids is necessary. Sensitive to soothing is also good.
  • Natural face serum Retinol 1% in Squalane
    Natural sources of moisturizing ingredients include squalane, jojoba oil, honey, Ganoderma lucidum extract, aloe vera extract, hyaluronic acid, silk proteins, collagen and other natural substances.
  • How to prevent pores by using retinol serum and peel off mask
    the small pores that everyone cares about every day. What water,face serum, peel off mask, essence, and cream are all given it, and we have to devote our efforts to it.
  • Does the face serum have a shelf life?
    The composition of the perfume is very simple, and 80% or even more of it is alcohol, and in addition to some extracts, it is also the essence, pigment. When you think about it, whether the liquor in the house is more mellow, the Ganoderma lucidum, ginseng, and velvet in the jar are on your face. It is irresponsible to say that the perfume itself can be stored for a long time. Only volatile, will not degenerate. The taste changes due to changes in the concentration of alcohol after volatilization.
  • What are the common preservatives in face mask, bath bomb and cosmetics?
    Methylisothiazolinone (abbreviated as MIT) is a chlorine-free preservative that inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, and mold. MIT can effectively kill a variety of bacteria at low concentrations, and is particularly suitable for the preservation of cosmetics and personal care products. Therefore, MIT is widely used as a high-performance preservative in cosmetics and personal care products. In 2004, the European Commission for Cosmetics and Non-Food Science (now changed to the Consumer Safety Science Council) stipulated that MIT, as a preservative, can be used in dwelling and rinse cosmetics at a maximum concentration of 0.01%.
  • How are preservatives in face serum, face mask and bath bomb protected?
    Preservatives in cosmetics have the following three characteristics: 1 full safety, as far as possible non-toxic, non-irritating. 2 Extensive effectiveness, ability to kill bacteria, mold, yeast, etc. 3 The long-term stability and good compatibility with the system cannot affect other components of the system.
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