Best Vitamin C Serum for Face Natural 500mg 1000mg 20 Percent with Ascorbic Acid

20% Vitamin C Serum combines proven antioxidants vitamin C, E, A and ferulic acid to maximize the results. It has synergistic effect to enhance protection against UVA/UVB rays preventing premature skin aging and stimulating collagen production and diminishing the signs of aging. It is better than any one antioxidant alone. It neutralizes free radical damage and protects against oxidative stress factors that lead to premature aging, loss of elasticity, and hyperpigmentation. This powerful anti-aging serum delivers brighter, healthier skin with improved tone and glow. It contains concentrated amounts of active ingredients to ensure efficacy.
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Best Vitamin C Serum for Face natural 500mg 1000mg 20 percent with ascorbic acid 

This vitamin C serum was latest face care product high quality for face natural 500mg 1000mg 20 percent with ascorbic acid. It was made up with antioxidants vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A and ascorbic acid. We devoted ourselves to Facial mask many years, covering most of Europe and Americas market. We are expecting become your long-term partner in China.


Product Name

Best Vitamin C Serum for Face natural 500mg 1000mg 20 percent with ascorbic acid






Face, Nose, Forehead, Chin,neck


Whitening, Firming, Moisturizing, Smoothing, Repairing, Lifting, Fades sun spot,Anti aging

Main Ingredients

vitamin c 500mg ,Vitamin E, Grape seed essence,Propylene Glycol, Ascorbic Acid, Ascorbyl Glucoside, Sodium Hyaluronate




10ml, 30ml

Shelf life

2 years

Suitable skin

All skin type, especially oily skin

Recommend use

Twice a week

Sample sending time

7 days

Lead time

25 days

Shipping way

By sea, by air, by express


Paypal, T/T, Western Union, Trade assurance


Ascorbic acid vitamin c
The best natural essence for lightening, anti spots and lightening skin. Leave you a youthful glow appearance.
Known as the NMF(Natural Moisturizing Factor) in the word, it carrier more than 5o times aqua to improve water content of skin cuticle. Binding water to skin which reduce wrinkles appearance.
Improves the ability of new cells in the skin hyperplasia and the pigmentation spots will be gradually reduced.
Contains different kinds of vitamins and polysaccharide, moisturizing and soft skin while improving the elastricity and firming skin.


Firming, Moisturizing, Whitening, Fades sun spot, Lifting, Smoothing

Product effects:




Package: 30ml+ brown/non-transparent glass bottle+dropper+paper box+shrink film




Wash and dry your face.


Apply Black Diamond Skin Serum evenly to face


Allow time for product to absorb. Use daily for maximum effect.

Before and after:

Large pores, acne obvious, stubborn. Skin redness, dull.

-- Whitening effect
-- Unclogged pores
-- Faded hyper pigmentation
-- Smoother texture
-- Less visible spider veins
-- Less dicoloration

Q1. What is your vitamin C percentage?

A1. vitamin c serum 20 percent, 15 percent and 5 percent.
Q2. Is it safe to deal with Oscars?
A2. Of course, Oscars is a verified gold supplier of Alibaba, with over 18 years experience in cosmetic field.
Q3. Can you please provide a list of ingredients?
A3. YES,Organic Aloe Vera, Vitamin C, MSM, Botanical Hyraluronuc Acid, Witch Hazel, Vitamin E, vegetable glycerol, carbines, amino acid, organic Gotu Kola, wild crafted Dandelion & Geranium, organic Jojoba Oil, phenoxyethanol, ethyl hexyl glycerol.
98% natural 72% organic
Vitamin C 20%, E + Hyaluronic Acid
Q4.Can I use it around the eyes?
A4.YES, Yes. It works great for around the eyes. The fine lines have improved.
Q5.What is packing for the products?
A5.10ml/30ml, brown/non-transparent glass bottle, dropper, paper box, shrink film.

Latest News:
Summer skin care

Summer bad weather needs a good skin care, especially the skin clean, the summer due to hot weather, the skin of the oil secretion strong, if the cleaning did not do bit, then easily lead to clogging of the pores, affecting the absorption of follow-up skin care products, smallpox.
So skin care is very important, it is the basis of your skin care maintenance. Using vitamin c 1000mg in order to have a better skin care effect. Skin cleansing in addition to daily cleansing with a facial cleanser, regular skin exfoliation is necessary, the other also need to give the skin a deep cleaning - use a clean mask!

Can use the cleaning mask type:
1. Washed type: usually mud-like mask, like dead sea mud mask, this mask cleaning ability is very strong, moisturizing ability is better, to keep the pores fresh and transparent, improve oily skin, reduce acne.
2. Peel-off type: the mask is applied to the face, so after it dry, you can slowly peel off. This mask deep cleaning capacity of the strongest, you can also play the role of whitening.

Cleaning Mask Use:
1. Clean mask up to twice a week (dry skin recommended once a week; mixed muscle of the basin friends, according to their own situation, increase the number of local use of clean mask)
2. The use of clean mask, be sure to avoid the eye, lips and hair around the hairline
3. If you are using a mud-like cleaning mask, it must be thick application effect, a thin layer is useless. Deposited too thin, dry mud will soon absorb the skin moisture, but will lead to dry skin.
4. Mud cleaning mask deposited time should not be too long, 15 to 20 minutes (according to product description decision) must be promptly cleaned, do not wait until the mask dry and then wash.

The correct cleaning method of the mud-like cleansing mask:
1. You can use silicone-type mask brush, gently scraping the excess mud, pay attention to the action to be gentle, do not hurt your delicate skin.
2. And then wash the face sponge wet, gently wipe the face of the residual mud film.
3. And finally use warm water to rinse the face.
Tips: In the use of cleaning the mask process, if the skin produces a sustained burning tingling, then immediately rinse off the mask.

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