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What are the types of scrub cream
Aug 23, 2017

Plant type: Abrasive grains such as almond, red bean, papaya, oat and other natural plants. The advantages include natural lipids and vitamins to nourish the skin;

Chemical type: Such abrasive particles as alumina, silica and other man-made particles. The advantage is artificial synthesis, the granule rounded evenly; this kind of skin care product is not recommended.

Flower Essential Oil Type: This kind of abrasive granule contains rich natural flower trace elements. The advantage is the moisturizing factor, can quickly awaken the vitality of the skin, suitable for facial and physical care.

Body Scrub: This refers to the emulsion containing even fine particles of the skin, which is mainly used to remove the deep dirt, through the skin friction can make the aging of the scaly peeling, remove dead skin, meticulous pore coarse, so as to brighten skin color.