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Easy To Tell Pomades, Gels, Waxes, Clay, Paste Which Is Good For You
Nov 21, 2017

Hair Gel

- does not allow restyle

- high shine

- light to strong hold


Hair gel can achieve a maximum hold compare with others, however, it leave the hair with a solid look. Hair gel is water-based so it can be washed out easily.


uppercut hair gel.jpg



Hair Wax

- does not allow restyle

- high shine

- medium to strong hold

Does not dry out throughtout the day, does not turn rock-hard on your hair

uppercut hair wax.jpg



- allows restyle

- shine look

- medium to strong hold


There are two types of pomade, water-based and oil-based pomades. Both types have similar effects on the hair, they both give a shine look and do not dry out throughout the day. Pomade allows hair to be re-style. Water-based pomade is more popular compare to Oil-based because water-based pomade can be washed with water, while oil-based pomade needs a multiple washes.


uppercut pomade.jpg

Hair Clay

- allows restyle

- matte finish

- medium to strong hold

Hair Clay is suitable for all hair types, it holds really well and can be restyled throughout the day.


uppercut hair clay.jpg


Hair Paste

-matte to low shine

- medium to strong hold


Water based, suitable for all hair type


uppercut hair paste.jpg